"The People’s Princess"

FunGuide is pleased to provide this "living" Book of Remembrances in honor of Princess Diana. Although her life was so tragically cut short, through your notes and personal expressions her memory can live on. We hope that reading this Book will bring you comfort and pleasure. Please come back often, to see the new entries as they are added.

Please feel free to Add your personal notes of remembrance, sympathy, and commemoration of Princess Diana’s life and contributions to society. We will try to publish all of them in the Book of Remembrances, and maintain them for as long as we can.

We hope to make this Book of Remembrances a great and lasting dedication to Princess Diana’s memory. You can help by adding a link to this page.

As always, WEBways, Inc. - the owner and creator of FunGuide - reserves its exclusive right to reject any submissions which it deems may be unsuitable or objectionable to the viewers of FunGuide.

  1. Please limit your Dedication Message to no more than 100 characters in length.
  2. You may choose to have your note published with your name or as "Anonymous".
  3. You may choose to have your city, state or country added after your name, or you can choose to omit this information.
  4. The notes will be published in the order that we receive and accept them. Thus, if you are among the first ones to send in your note, your note will appear near the beginning of the Book of Remembrances.
  5. If the Book grows beyond the size that we can support, we will replace the oldest notes with the latest entries. (Hopefully, we will be able to maintain the complete Book and not have to ever eliminate anyone’s entry.)
  6. Of course, we will respect and honor any requests made by Princess Diana’s family, with respect to this Book of Remembrances and any part thereof.