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2) Fill out all information
3) Provide all related text and graphics on an IBM compatible disk with your order
4) Send the completed form with IBM disk and a check to
WEBways, Inc.
363 Deer Drive
Langhorne, PA 19047

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Business Name: ____________________________________________________________


City:_____________________________________ State:__________ Zip code:__________

Phone: ________________________________ FAX: ______________________________

Type of Business: ___________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________ Website URL: _______________________________

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Listing & Link

($35 for 3 months) Includes your business's name, address, telephone and fax numbers. Also includes a link to your web site or your email address.

____ Option

(Add $15 for 3 months) Includes the link & listing (above) plus a 5 line description to make your business stand out from other listings in FunGuide.


Create A Website

($350 for one full year) We will build a 2 page website and host it for a year. You supply the text and up to three pictures (either gif, jpeg or we will scan them for you). We will request links for your new site, to several major search engines. We will also include the Link & Listing (above), linked to your new web site (a $140 value).


One-Page Ad

($100 initial setup + $75 for 3 months) Includes one or two small graphics, as well as up to 150 words. Your ad will be accessed by a small banner link, placed by us, on one of FunGuide's related pages. You supply the text and images (either as gif, jpeg, or we will scan them for you)

____ Option 1

(add $125 for 3 months) Add an additional small banner on FunGuide's home page

____ Option 2

(add $75 for 3 months) Add an additional small banner on State or Country selection page

____ Option 3

(add $50 for 3 months) Add an additional small banner on a special section page, such as Spring Break.

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